Terms of Service

Express Delivery is a logistics service on the intermediary platform, Express Buddy, that links up contractors (drivers/riders) to vendors with the sole purpose of fulfilling the last mile gap present in most businesses. Stated below are service standards & recovery options provided for this partnership to be sustained. By using our service, you are deemed to have accepted any and all of the following terms/clauses below.

For food deliveries, Express Delivery will try its best to arrange for drivers/riders with warmer bags, but are subjected to availability as freelance drivers might be engaged to cope with the high demand during peak periods.

Express Delivery, to the best of its ability, will ensure the punctually of drivers/riders but under unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams, accidents or emergencies, the vendor agrees to give a reasonable amount of buffer from the pick up time or the requested delivery arrival time based on Service Recovery clause below.

Currently bookings are made via a Whatsapp group chat. In future, all bookings can only be accepted through the app, Express Buddy, or the web version, unless upon special requests. This is to establish optimal performance, for better fulfilment of orders to your loyal customers – as their experience is our utmost priority.

Whilst Express Buddy only takes a small platform fee, we will continue to manage your logistic matters, provide responsive customer support and ensure 100% fulfilment of orders with guaranteed drivers upon ample booking notice.

Regular Deliveries

Pricing will be in accordance to the distance tiered table provided in Annex A. Distances are calculated using Google Map’s API in Google Sheets using the fastest route to reach the customer, but during peak periods this might not necessarily be the shortest route.

Vendors would need to inform Express Delivery at least 45 minutes in advance of the pick up time to assign a driver/rider. Anything lesser than this time frame, will be subjected to availability at that point, and the ETA will be updated when the driver is assigned.

Mass Advanced Deliveries

Express Delivery is able to handle mass deliveries of up to 1500 locations in a single day. Do inform us at least 3 working days in advance, pricing will be in accordance to the zonal pricing table which will be made available upon request. Prices are confidential and will be customised accordingly to the needs of each vendor for a particular project.

Additional Charges  

  • Waiting Time

Upon arrival at the vendor’s location, a grace period of 15 minutes from the pick up time will be given. Thereafter, the vendor will be subsequently charged $3 for every additional 5 minutes of waiting time in order to compensate the driver/rider.

Upon arrival at the customer’s location, in the event that there is no response or if no one is available to accept the delivery, a grace period of 15 minutes will be given from the time that the driver/rider arrives. Thereafter, the vendor can choose to instruct Express Delivery to leave the food there unattended at no liability whatsoever, or bring the food back to the vendor’s location at an extra trip cost in accordance to Annex A. If the vendor prefers for the driver to continue waiting until someone collects the order, the vendor will be charged $3 for every additional 5 minutes of waiting time in order to compensate the driver/rider.

  • Cancellation

A cancellation fee of $10 applies if the order is cancelled 15 minutes before the pick up time or if the driver/rider has already arrived at the vendor’s location, whichever is earlier.

  • ERP & Parking

Any ERP or parking charges incurred by the driver/rider during the trip will be borne by the vendor. A screenshot proof will be submitted for reference, and the amount will be claimed in the subsequent invoice.

  • Re-Delivery

When the customer’s address is wrongly provided by the vendor, in the event where it is a different postal code, an additional trip cost will be charged in accordance to Annex A to deliver the food from the wrong location to the correct address.

  • Peak Period Surcharge

Charges will not be implemented daily, but on a case-by-case basis in the event of congestion periods due to bad traffic, weather, and/or any other unforeseen circumstances. This measure aims to ensure the availability of drivers during such periods so that orders can be fulfilled in the most efficient manner. The surcharge will range between $3 – $5 depending on the severity of the situation.

  • Multiple Locations

The additional drop-off rate for multiple locations will only be applied if it is pre-planned in the same booking and sent simultaneously. The vendor would then have to specify to us which orders are to be stacked together. Otherwise, if Express Delivery plans and decides for the vendor to optimise delivery routes, it will be counted as separate trips even if the same driver collects the different orders.

Payment Terms 

Upon receipt of the invoice sent, the vendor agrees to clear all liabilities with Express Delivery within 3 calendar days. Any delays after the supposed due date, will result in a late payment fee of $50 to be imposed on the vendor. Any waiver requests will be subjected to Express Delivery’s discretion in accordance to the reasons provided that resulted in the late payment. Our services will temporarily cease, if payment is not received after 3 calendar days or if no updates are given for a reasonable extension.

Service Recovery 

In order to uphold the reputation of our vendors towards their customers, any late or spillage orders due to Express Delivery’s assigned driver/rider, compensation will be provided but up to a limited extent.

  • 30 Minutes After Pick Up Time (For Orders Given 45 Minutes Ahead Of Pick Up Time)

Express Delivery will waive the cost of delivery for that particular trip. The assigned driver/rider will also personally apologise to the customer on behalf of our vendors. He/she will also do their best to explain that Express Delivery is solely responsible for the delay and that the vendor is at no fault whatsoever. This is to hopefully help preserve the reputation of the vendor, and also be answerable for the situation that occurred.

  • Late Delivery Of Order To Customer (1 Hour After Pick Up Time) 

This refers to any orders that were not delivered within an hour from the time of pick up. Consequently, Express Delivery will waive any delivery fees associated to that particular trip as a goodwill compensation for the delay.

In the event that this resulted in a cash refund to the customer or a re-preparation of the food order, Express Delivery will compensate 15% of the food amount (This does not include any associated fees such as delivery, GST, service fee etc. Proof of refund will be needed together with the initial receipt that was billed to the customer).

  • Spillage Orders

This refers to any orders that did not arrive at the customer’s location in the initially prepared condition when the order left the vendor’s outlet, or is deemed unacceptable or not in the usual state of how a proper meal should be presented.

Upon any customer complaints for this unpleasant condition or appearance that seemingly affects consumption or appetite, Express Delivery will compensate 30% of the spilled food amount (This does not include any associated fees such as delivery, GST, service fee etc. Proof of refund will be needed together with the initial receipt that was billed to the customer), on the basis of a cash refund or re-preparation of the same exact order to the customer. The delivery on the same or future date will also be waived.

Express Delivery will not reimburse the full order amount or any future compensation that the vendor decides to give to the customer, as this will result in the vendor profiting from this mishap on the expense of Express Delivery. All compensation amounts will be final and is based solely upon a rough estimate of the food preparation costs.